Hitachi Compute Blade 500

Ideal Platform for Virtualization and Cloud

Performance and Flexibility for Virtualized Workload

Blade Technology That Fits Your Application
Hitachi Compute Blade 500 combines the high-end features needed in today’s mission critical data center with the high compute density and adaptable architecture you need to lower costs and protect investment. The flexible architecture and logical partitioning feature of Hitachi Compute Blade 500 allow configurations to exactly match application needs, and multiple applications to easily and securely co-exist in the same chassis.

  • 6U chassis houses up to 8 server blade modules
  • Integrated chassis management features simplify and accelerate installation and maintenance tasks
  • Enterprise class high availability features (hot-swap, redundant components, automated failover)
  • Latest Intel Xeon processors for state-of-the-art performance
  • Multiple blade options for workload flexibility
  • Large maximum memory configurations
  • Hardware based logical partition (LPAR) capability for robust, secure, high performance virtualization
  • IO flexibility via expansion blades, to add optional dedicated disk storage or I/O expansion capability
  • Choice of switched fabric options, including IP, FC and converged fabric.
  • Securely host multiple workloads in a single blade chassis

Solutions with Hitachi Compute Blade and Storage

Features and Benefits


  • Scale out: to 8 x dual-socket blades
  • Scale up: 4-socket double-width blades supports 1.5TB
  • Blade performance: 1 to 4 CPUs, Intel Xeon E5 Family


  • Ethernet, Fiber Channel and CNA options
  • High bandwidth, configurable connectivity
  • Disk storage expansion blades


  • Embedded LPAR logical partitioning
  • Dynamic partitions in shared mode
  • Large physical memory capability


  • Automated blade failure detection and failover
  • Redundant and hot-swap power and cooling
  • Redundant I/O switch modules

Why Hitachi Compute Blade 500?

  • Safely mix a wide variety of application workloads on a highly reliable, scalable and flexible platform supported by a world class supplier of mission critical IT infrastructure.
  • Integrate with established network fabrics and management infrastructures.
  • Grow in-chassis to 8 2-socket blades or 4 4-socket blades (can be mixed) with a combined total addressable memory of over 4TB.
  • Achieve the right balance of throughput and connectivity with support for a mix of both integrated switched fabric and direct access to I/O slots provided by on-board PCIe 3.0 slots and I/O expansion blades.
  • Improve efficiency, performance and virtual server isolation with Hitachi logical partitions (LPAR)
  • Reduce dependency on proprietary UNIX server environments and switched only I/O fabrics with blade flexibility and converged I/O fabric support.
  • Add server management and system monitoring at no cost with Hitachi Compute Systems Manager (HCSM) which can seamlessly integrate with Hitachi Command Suite (HCS) in IT environments using Hitachi storage.

How to Buy

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