Hitachi Unified Storage VM

hus-vm-mainFlash storage accelerates application performance
Unified platform consolidates and manages all data types
Storage virtualization reduces the cost of storage

Virtualize, Manage and Unify All Data Types
Hitachi Unified Storage VM can manage all of your existing storage and consolidate all of your data in a single, virtualized platform to ease the management of information. Hitachi Unified Storage VM is built with trusted Hitachi reliability for application availability, flash-accelerated performance and lower cost of ownership. Delivering enterprise storage virtualization in a unified platform lets you manage information more efficiently.

  • Unified architecture lets you share resources to reduce capital purchases and lower operating cost by as much as 40%.
  • Ensure data is there when customers need it, with the highest availability – guaranteed at 100%, a commitment you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Refresh your technology to increase performance or optimize cost, with up to 90% less effort than alternatives.
  • Flash storage accelerates performance and transaction rates – double that of comparable storage systems.

Unify Data, Virtualize Storage, Accelerate Performance

Features and Benefits
Storage virtualizationConsolidate and simplify your existing infrastructure with virtualization to reduce storage costs.
Unified architectureShare resources for different applications with a unified platform to lower capital investment and lower operation cost.
Ease of managementReduce the time required to administer storage and deliver storage service levels when, where, and how you need them.
Flash accelerationFlash-accelerated applications drive faster information access, faster business decisions, and customer satisfaction.
Capacity efficiencyReclaim capacity instead of purchasing new equipment.
Automated data tieringMaximize performance, minimize cost, meet storage service levels, and minimize storage costs.
Dynamic provisioningSimplify management and improve utilization by dynamically growing and shrinking volumes to support growth of file systems.
Data deduplicationGreater usable network-attached-storage capacity.
Object-based file systemBetter organize and accelerate searches for stored files.
Server virtualization integrationSimplify data protection from a virtualization administrator’s point of view.
Single namespaceSimplify management by viewing all files and file systems from a single console.
Large volumes and file systemsDecrease time to manage growth with large volumes that support large file systems and millions of files.
Higher scalable capacitySave on power, cooling, and space costs.
Point-in-time snapshotsHave a fast, easy, and space-efficient data protection alternative.
Writable snapshotsSave storage capacity and decrease time to make copies of data for test and development environments.
Universal data replicationDeploy locally and remotely for disaster recovery with no interruption in service.
Storage clusterContinuous local or metro data availability.
Multitenant partitioningSecurely protect data for separate applications, departments or customers.
EncryptionSecure protection of data at rest.

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